Wisconsin Legislative Strategies  is committed to furthering and protecting the issues facing our clients in the Wisconsin State Legislature, agencies of the Wisconsin state government, and its departments. We are able to do so by our no-nonsense, straightforward, and bi-partisan approach with legislators and their staff. Our reputation in this respect is second to none and allows us to advocate for our clients in the best way possible. Our old fashioned, right to the point conversations with the legislature are well received and have lead to success for many of our clients’ issues. There are no back room deals, questionable ethics, or shady happenings going on.  We let the facts and common sense of an issue speak for their selves. Our clients applaud this, as do the members of the legislature and their staff. This aspect of our lobbying practice will never change. We look forward to hearing from you and how we can assist you in your endeavors in the Wisconsin State Legislature.